Who we are

FSPM (Finlands svenska Pingstmission) is an organization for coordination of projects and work abroad done through the swedish-speaking pentecostal churches in Finland. We are currently working with one  development project in Burundi, in areas where there are great needs to meet. We want to help poor people to get a better quality of life.

FSPM is a member organization of Frikyrklig Samverkan FS. FS receives economical support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland – money that is used by the different member organizations for supporting development projects abroad. FSPM is responsible for the planning, monitoring and administration of the projects. Besides the support that we receive from the government we also gather money ourselves for the projects. Besides the projects FSPM is also coordinating the multi-faceted cooperation work that is done with partners in various countries.

For more information contact Maria Prost: maria.prost[at]

For partners

By clicking the link below you will access all the necessary documents you need to report on your project. You will also find the project manual that provides you with information about your partnership with FSPM/FS.

Project Manual and other necessary documents for Project Administration – Click here